Introducing The LeapXpert Communication Platform


Yesterday, we’ve launched The LeapXpert Communications Platform.

This is the most significant addition to our platform, previously called LeapXpert’s Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform (or FMOP™ for short), since its release in 2019.

Why now? 

Because as business communication continues shifting to a new model, it requires new solution types.

Because enterprises are facing new constraints and want to reach new goals but are lacking the right solutions for these new problems.

This new platform aims at serving enterprises, both in regulated and non-regulated industries, and enables their employees to better communicate responsibly with their clients, partners, and colleagues.

So what’s new?


As the new hybrid work model is here to stay, business communication is now all about convenience, speed, security, productivity, and engagement for both external and internal communications, to cover the different needs of clients, employees, and enterprises.

Clients want to communicate on their preferred messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Signal, Telegram, etc. They often favor text messaging over other channels, including e-mail. Consumers have embraced native messaging channels such as iMessage, whose use is growing fast, especially in the US. In 2021, more than 70% of US consumers aged 18-24 owned an iPhone (from 47% in 2018) and many are heavy iMessage users.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the general availability of iMessage support. It’s the only robust and scalable iMessage support on the market.

A single employee identity 

Employees want to choose the best communication channel that matches convenience, productivity, and enterprise policies while keeping personal and professional communications separate. Some want a unified messaging and voice solution – as voice is still a part of any business interaction. Some prefer to use native messaging channels when communicating externally and even internally. Wither others want to do more with their selected enterprise collaboration and productivity platform, such as Microsoft Teams.

This is why the new LeapXpert Communications Platform now provides:

A single employee identity across communication channels – The LeapXpert Communications Platform is based on a single employee identity or phone number across all supported communication channels. This phone number can be an individual business or personal number, or a pooled business number provided by mobile carriers or cloud telephony providers.

The new solution eases and improves client satisfaction and engagement while removing the complex management of phone numbers in siloed solutions and addressing the lack of available phone numbers globally.

Voice support

LeapXpert’s platform now supports incoming and outgoing voice calls (IP and PSTN calls) in addition to messaging and SMS, through the single employee phone number. Employees can use their existing enterprise apps like Leap Work mobile and desktop apps or integrated third-party applications like Teams Phone while keeping their business and personal conversations separate.

Governed and Native modes

If at first we required that our platform be accessed through enterprise applications, we listened to the market and understood that some prefer the native messenger experience, so we developed the only solution that supports both models.

The platform now adapts to different employee behaviors and preferences – application-based or native communication channel, BYOD or corporate device, single enterprise application for internal and external communication, or dedicated applications.

Leap Work for Microsoft Teams 

Enterprises are looking for converged, secure, compliant, and open communication solutions breaking with the current siloed solution approach that is expensive and difficult to maintain.

Convergence includes internal and external communications in one platform like Teams or Slack, text and voice communications triggering for example IP or PSTN voice calls from text messages, and fixed and mobile communications integrating native mobile voice channels into collaboration and productivity applications like Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile solution.

Information protection, security, and data governance are becoming a top priority for many enterprises. They notice that more files are exchanged through messaging channels, and therefore risks of viruses and cyber attacks increase. They also must monitor business information access and sharing to protect themselves against possible internal misconduct affecting their business and brand.

Communications recordkeeping and regulatory compliance are driving lots of investments among financial institutions as regulators are cracking down on US banks with more than $1.8 billion in fines. A similar crackdown in Europe or other regions is likely underway.

Finally, an open platform is a must-have in a complex disaggregated technical environment where cloud, mobility, enterprise systems, communication supervision, and industry-specific solutions must work together.

This is why The LeapXpert Communications Platform now supports:

Leap Work for Microsoft Teams – The LeapXpert Communications Platform integrates with Microsoft Teams with Leap Work for Teams, our mobile and desktop app, available on the Teams store. It’s now possible to chat with external parties on their messaging app of choice from within Microsoft Teams. The native integration allows users to use the same Teams chat interface for internal and external communication increasing user productivity and improving client engagement. The platform ensures external conversations remain compliant and secure following enterprise governance guidelines.

All platform enterprise controls such as antivirus, antimalware, information barriers, and ethical walls are part of The LeapXpert Communications Platform and apply to the new features.

Growing ecosystem of partners 

Thanks to its open interfaces, the new platform has increased its number of out-of-the-box integrations and technological partners in the last few months including Microsoft (Azure services and Teams), Blackberry and Mobileiron (Mobile Device Management), and OpenFin (Operating System for Finance). As system integration is painful for many enterprises, we want our platform to work seamlessly with leading market solutions and technologies.

What’s next?

Our new product, which supports all previous functionalities, has been renamed The LeapXpert Communications Platform. This name reflects the value LeapXpert brings to enterprises embracing the modern work environment:

A new way of conducting business communications that is responsible, secure, and compliant across the latest communications channels like consumer messaging apps, as well as traditional channels, such as voice calls.

Please contact us for a demo or join us in a series of upcoming events where we will be unveiling the solution in the US, Europe, and Asia.

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