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We're looking for passionate builders to join our growing team

Mobile Developer (Android: Java/ Kotlin, iOS: Swift/ Objective-C)

Job Scope

  1. To implement medium to complex features of Platform Android/iOS apps based on the requirements of our key products.
  2. To provide maintenance and enhancement for Android/ iOS apps to ensure stability for our customers (paying readers of INKR Comics).
  3. To offer guidance for other team members.

Trách nhiệm công việc:

Job Outcomes

  1. Usefulness across products constantly improve and stay up-to-date with customer needs, in turn drive more meaningful interaction on INKR Platform.
  2. Strengthen our team ability to deliver higher quality products through iterative works.

Kỹ năng & Chuyên môn:

Job Specifications

  • Domain Expertise: Software Engineer (Android/ iOS)
  • Experience Requirements: At least 02 years of working experience in software development covering Android/ iOS application development.
  • Skills / Knowledge Requirements


    • Proficient with Android/ iOS.
    • Strong understanding of UI/UX, particularly native mobile application design.
    • Familiar with reactive frameworks like: Android: Flow, Coroutine,... or iOS: Composure, RxSwift
    • Familiar with new technology such as Jetpack, Android Architecture Component (LiveData, ViewModel).
    • Experience working with Android: Room, SQLite or iOS: CoreData.
    • Good knowledge and practical experiences with architectural patterns MVC/MVVM...
    • Good understanding of the full mobile development life cycle.
    • Knowledge of memory management and multi-threading, GCD.
    • Experience working with web services, JSON, RESTful.


    • Good English communication skills.
    • Familiar with Clean Architecture.
    • Experience with measuring/debugging application performance, and responsiveness.


    • Familiarity with standard developer tools and processes such as Git, CI, etc.
    • Have experience with Android: Dexguard, Proguard or iOS: Apple App Review process
    • Love reading comics

Job Partnership

Stakeholder List

    • Customer: paying readers of INKR Comics App.
    • Reader: free users of INKR Comics App.

Peer List

    • Others developers (iOS/ Android, Web, Infrastructure).
    • Product Designers.
    • QA.
    • Project Managers.

At INKR, we've learnt that at the end of the day, we bring in the people, not the skillset, so here are what we can answer you beyond the job itself

What does it take to be successful in this role?

  • Clean code.
  • Be a good team player.
  • Attention to details and good timeliness management at the same time.
  • Curious of doing things in a better way.
  • Autonomous.

What is open for me beyond this role as a career?

  • Senior Mobile Developer.
  • Get you ready to be anywhere you'd like to outside of INKR.

What does the probation assessment look like?

  • Work quality as per assignments from team lead.
  • Clean Code Principles compliance.

Top 2 Reasons To Join Your Team

  • We've learned to adapt to ever-changing advanced technology as we scale. Our products are built with the best technology at the time and ready to change to a better one as given in future.
  • Any feedback and opinions are genuinely open to our team, there is no boss, you are convinced to do your work and the only righteousness is what best for our business and users.

Last but not least, check out our story at:

And hope to talk to you soon!

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INKR Global
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INKR Global
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INKR Global


Địa điểm

U3-U3B, Tầng 7, Tòa nhà Crescent Plaza, 105 Tôn Dật Tiên, Phường Tân Phú, Quận 7, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

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