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Back-end Developer (NodeJS/ PHP) - 13th month salary bonus onboard before Tet

  • Middle Level:4 dev (Range Salary: 1000USD〜1500USD)
  • Senior Level:2 dev (Range Salary: 1400USD〜2000USD)
  • 13th month salary bonus 
  • Full 100% salary during the probationary period

Trách nhiệm công việc:

  • Participate in develop product using NodeJS, PHP, Express/ Lookback/ NestJS framework
  • Understand and analyze system requirements, be able to code and develop features and components required
  • Design, code reviews and development quality reviews to make sure best practices are implemented
  • Develop great experiences with web applications for company
  • Maintain and upgrade applications with new features
  • Develop reliable, scalable and maintainable web applications

Kỹ năng & Chuyên môn:

  • At least 2 - 7 years of experience in Back-end development (NodeJS, PHP, Express/ Lookback/ NestJS framework)
  • Experience in Web application development
  • Experience in Mongodb/ PostgreSQL/ MySQL
  • Experience in Typescript, OOP
  • Experience in Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap/ TailwindCSS
  • Have the following skills and knowledge JavaScript frontend framework: React, VueJS, Angular, etc.
  • Testing framework for JavaScript: Jest, Mocha, Jasmine, etc.
  • Team collaboration with Git, Docker
  • Able to read English/ Japanese documents and communicate with English texts

Plus Point:

  • Good knowledge in Docker, RESTful
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform services (AWS/ Google Cloud/ Azure)
  • Experience with other skills such as below:
    • ReactJS
    • VueJS
    • Laravel 
    • Shopify
1 ngày trước

Địa điểm

  • Tòa nhà SOHO, 27-29 Lý Tự Trọng, Quận Hải Châu, Thành phố Đà Nẵng

Số năm kinh nghiệm

2 năm

Cấp bậc

Middle, Senior

Loại hình

Kỹ năng

Hỗ trợ khác

  • 13th month salary bonus
  • Full 100% salary during the probationary period

Quy trình phỏng vấn

  • Vòng 1:

    Theoretical interview and test coding challenging
  • Vòng 2:

    Online interview with Japanese Engineers and CEO
  • Vòng 3:

    Negotiation (Salary, Social Welfare Policy, Working Culture and Environment at WebLife)


Địa điểm

  • Tòa nhà SOHO, 27-29 Lý Tự Trọng, Quận Hải Châu, Thành phố Đà Nẵng

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