Assistant Bridge Project Manager (Assistant BPM)

VITALIFY ASIA ( Công ty TNHH Vitalify Á Châu)

224A-224B Dien Bien Phu, Phường Võ Thị Sáu, Quận 3, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
Mô tả công việc
Giới thiệu về công ty
  • Joining a real DevOps (Healthcare/Global Market) project as an Assistant Project Manager (BPM).
    • Especially, Healthcare, Fintech, Startup, Games, AR/VR, and AI.
    • DevOps, Agile as our standard, and EnterpriseWaterfall projects.
    • We usually work with product owners directly as our policy.
  • Supporting BPM to manage projects and handle project operations in the DevOps team.
  • Handle project operation & Arrange daily proceedings.
  • IT translation (documents,messaging).
  • Communication with clients (Japanese, English, Vietnamese).
  • Test and create Test cases with senior(s).
  • Take and share meeting notes (minutes).
  • Understand VFA's project standards and rules.

Kỹ năng & Chuyên môn

  • Communication smoothly in Japanese (~N2 level).
  • Communication skills in simple English (Chatting & Talking)
  • Having a sense of recognizing the issue & suggesting Kaizen plan.
  • Experience in IT Communicator within the past few years.
  • Logical thinking & explanation skill based on factual data or numbers
  • Passion to learn hard, and become a high-level BPM, PMO, PM Specialist in short-term

Report toBPM or Group Manager (Vietnamese or Foreigner)

Work with: BPM, Engineers, Designers, PM/PMO ,Managers, CoE, and Clients

Phúc lợi dành cho bạn

  • PC: Macbook Pro / Air for all employees
  • Process: Agile ☆ / Waterfall / Hybrid
  • Method: DevOps
  • Group Ware (Email/Storage/Docs): Google Workspace
  • Communication Tools: Chatwork ☆ / Slack / Etc..
  • Online MTG Tools: Zoom ☆ / Google Meet ☆ / Etc..
  • PJ Task Management: Redmine ☆ / Jira / Backlog / Etc..
  • Employee EvaluatioPolicy: We evaluate your growth, & We will adjust your salary to market value or more
  • Checkin/out Time Management: Own System (Apps)
  • Certification Allowance: Many kinds, salary base up
  • Salary Review: Every 6 months
  • 13th Salary: Yes!
  • Party & Event: A lot
  • Company Trip: Yeah!
  • Career path: We define two main paths. Organizational management or expert(Specific Tech, PJ Management, UX design, Sales, Marketing, etc.). Even becoming Director, CTO, and also CEO of us is possible.
  • Office Type: Individual French Villa with Garden
  • Commute Type: Office & Remote (Hybrid)
  • Desk: Free desk or fixed desk, with a lot of free space
  • Parking : Ready & Free at office garden area
  • Office Wifi: Very fast! (Individual Line)
  • Crowded Elevator : Never happen!
  • Refrigerator: x4 (Always beer inside)
  • Water Server: x5 Drink water forever!
  • Personal Locker: One per person
  • MTG Room & Space: 9 rooms & a lot of free space
  • Co-worker : Nice!
  • Rooftop Cafe Area: Have a break!
  • Dresscode: None
  • Office Gym & Zen space: Yes! let's work out!
  • Chill Spot: Many!
  • Sound System: Yes! Let's Play M.U.S.I.C
  • Music Instrument: Guitar x3 , Cajon x1
  • Restroom: Men x4 room & x3 small Womenx5 room
  • Company housing & Branch Office: Preparing

Công ty

VITALIFY ASIA ( Công ty TNHH Vitalify Á Châu)

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