VinHMS is a young startup with an ambitious dream: becoming an online platform that connects & provides the best solutions for hospitality industry. Founded by a team with many years of experience building highly scalable applications on the cloud, with expertise of veterans from hospitality industry, backed up by one of the most respected corporate in the region, we believe we have a chance to build world class products from Viet Nam.

Join us, help us build something bigger than any of us ever built, have lots of fun along the way, and make history together.

“We don’t look for people who just want to do some things. We are looking for people with active mindset who want to BUILD things that they are proud of. So, even if you only know part of the list but you think you’re smart and can learn anything, then you can also apply. Nothing teaches better than real life experiences.”

Sản phẩm
Hospitality Management System – CiHMS

We – CiHMS – started just like any other hospitality management software company. Our first client came to us with a predicament. Contemplating among 100+ hospitality management software choices, taking trials, and evaluating the runners-up who seemed to have all the qualifications. Finally settled on one of the most expensive On-premises Property Management Systems in the industry, expecting its optimal effectiveness and unfailing support.

Đãi ngộ

Friendly, flexible, and fun working environment

Very attractive salary based on skills and experience

Coffee, tea, bar everyday

13th month salary

Great opportunity for career development

Company trip, team building, monthly party, etc.

Working time: Monday - Friday