Viện Phát Triển Vốn Con Người Việt Hàn (Human Capital Development Jsc,.)
Viện Phát Triển Vốn Con Người Việt Hàn (Human Capital Development Jsc,.)

Viện Phát Triển Vốn Con Người Việt Hàn (Human Capital Development Jsc,.)

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Welcome to this website of Human Capital Development JSC. I am hoping you find out some meaningful information here and share our vision on the role of the young generations in Vietnam and South Korea.

Throughout my experience of public service for 25 years, I have believed that the accumulation of a small contribution in every corner of our society could make big changes to the world we are living now and hand over to the next generations. It has been a guiding principle for my life, particularly, when I launched the international project of safeguarding intangible cultural heritages in the Asia-Pacific Region under the auspice of UNESCO in 2004 and when I served as an adviser under the expert program of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in Hanoi.

Now, I would like to uphold the idea of shared value. I started doing business based on the collection of goodwill from a group of business people and educators who believe in the meaning of investment in education. Shared value is another guiding principle to me: making business successful in a way to solve social problems and serve public interest.

Human capital matters in the sustainable development of Vietnam. We are the group of educators and business people from Vietnam and Korea.

We focus on what we need to do and what we can do now. We shed light on the part of collaboration and partnership among people from two countries. We redefine human capital not just in theoretical terms but strategic relationships between two countries. Language, soft skills, artistic talent, and some other subjects are included in the package of objectives for training and development, which will be innovative and practical.

I look forward to having your support and participation.

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