The Blue Circle Vietnam Co., Ltd
The Blue Circle Vietnam Co., Ltd

The Blue Circle Vietnam Co., Ltd

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Founded in 2013, The Blue Circle identifies, develops, finances, owns and operates renewable energy projects in complex and challenging geographies of the Asia-Pacific region. The Blue Circle uses the most advanced technology to build responsible and sustainable projects. With offices in Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and Phnom Penh, The Blue Circle is the leading renewable energy company of Southeast Asia. We are committed to changing the world one green electron at a time.

We are looking to bridge the gaps in project development in the Region by bringing international project development experience, financial expertise and capabilities together with local market understanding

The Blue Circle focuses on commercially viable and feasible projects through a vertically integrated structure. On projects, our team takes responsibilities for:

  • Site Identification: Selection for potential sites based on land availability, wind or solar resources, availability of grid connection
  • Project Development: Signing of necessary permits and licenses, feasibility studies, and selection of technology providers
  • Financing: The Blue Circle invests in and owns its projects for the long term.
  • Operation: The Blue Circle operates its projects for the full operating life of the assets

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