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Taggle is a community health gaming platform. As part of the platform, we also developour own games that enhance social interactions within the community and encourage users to exercise at the same time. 

New Models of Community Health:

In a typical TeleHealth/Telemedicine system, the clinicians and doctors will have to directly monitor and manage the clients in the home and community. With an increasingly elderly population, and incidents of chronic illnesses, this approach will no longer be cost-effective. The proposed new Community Health Models leverages off existing grassroots facilities and personnel, working with VWOs & Caregivers, Communities and Townships. For Health Institutions and healthcare providers who would like to implement or are already working with grassroots organizations using these models, Taggle provides an effective platform to facilitate better integration and collaboration for the provision of care to the community.

Partners are all welcome:

Taggle started building our products and services by working with clinicians and researcher and will continue to do so with like-minded partners. Please contact us if you would like to collaborate in any way because there is so much to be done and we look forward to continuing this journey with the entire healthcare community.


Centrally Manage Digital Health Services and Patients

Remotely configure user profiles, monitor and manage the patient and beneficiary. Counselors and caregivers can work together with clinicians and medical professionals to coordinate the care of the patients without interfering with the daily activities and routines of the patient.

Targeted Healthcare Delivery

Taggle provides the ability to ‘prescribe’ specific programmes with relevant games, content and rewards to target the specific health issues of the patient.

The programme can be dynamically managed to continue making it interesting and relevant to improvement and changes to the patient’s progress.

Powerful Open Architecture

Creating more apps, services, games, content and everything else that each Organization needs should not mean having to create a new solution.  The Taggle Architecture allows our partners and clients to create on top of our existing solutions and use products that have been created by others.

Analytics and Data

Capturing the activities of the patient through the whole spectrum of activities, health-informatics, participation, and social interaction. We do this because it is important to have a holistic picture of the mental, physical, and social wellbeing of an individual.

Chế độ đãi ngộ

  • Attractive salary
  • Performance Bonus
  • 14 days annual leave
  • Yearly Health Insurance (inpatient, outpatient treatment for illness/ accident complications, personal accident insurance, life insurance, dental, etc.)
  • Weekly and monthly perks
  • Support learning new techniques
  • Participate in the company's annual activities
  • Working time: Mon-Fri | 09:00-18:00
  • In case of emergency (COVID-19), our company will flexible support candidates for online interview and work from home

Sản phẩm

Taggle Health App
Taggle Health App
Pioneering the use of Technology and Psychological Sciences of motivation and habits to encourage citizens to participate and take better care of their own health. Solutions that allow involvement of the different stakeholders while being sufficiently flexible to cater to different needs and abilities of clients.

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