SungShinA Việt Nam

SungShinA Việt Nam

Together, we innovate!

Together, we innovate!

Sung Shin Global is an international corporation with main competence in producing shoes sole products and polymer products. With many factories in many countries in South East Asia, we are currently the supplier of many famous shoes brand like Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, etc. Sung Shin A-II (Vietnam) is known as an injection molding company which has founded in 2014. In shortly, Sung Shin A has grown and reached a big amount of employees which is 1,800 individuals who have strong abilities to adapt their job requirements. Base on that, Sung Shin A has achieved its goals to deliver the best products to our customers. New Balance is our biggest customer who is one of the strongest brand of sport shoes. By using new technology (PMEVA process), SSA’s products have high quality which meet and satisfy all difficult requirements from customers around the world.

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Đường NA3, khu công nghiệp Mỹ Phước 2, Phường Mỹ Phước, Thị xã Bến Cát, Tỉnh Bình Dương

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