25M+ people use Speechify to listen to what they read.

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Speechify is the easiest way to listen to the world’s information. Articles on the web, documents in the cloud, books on your phone. We absorb it all and let you listen to it at your desk, on the go, at your own speed, and with tools that make learning easier, deeper, and faster. Our mission is to make sure reading is never a barrier to learning. Our AI text-to-speech app has over 20M users and ranks #1 in the App Store. We’ve built the largest AI reader web app and Chrome Extension in history. We have over 250,000 5-star reviews. Everyday, we get messages from users who tell us Speechify changed their lives. Our senior engineering team is mostly ex-Amazon and ex-startup founders.

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  • US-based company; ex-Amazon engineers in leadership; fully work-from-home; AI company

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