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Softfront Vietnam Co., Ltd

Hochiminh City & Hanoi

Softfront Vietnam Co., Ltd was established on 8th August 2013 with 100% investment capital by Softfront Japan, whose name is listed on Tokyo JASDAQ stock market.

Softfront is a leading provider of software products/total solution on Voice and Video over IP network. Softfront's products and services, mainly based on SIP/NGN-related technology, vary from core library (middleware) to application layer, from client to server application, from outsourcing to consulting service, etc.

Softfront’s main clients are big telecommunication operators, network providers, and mobile device/CPE manufacturers. Currently, Softfront’s products are popularly used as a standalone component in total solution/system or as an embedded component inside other products of big operators as NTT, KDDI, KOPT and electronic device manufacturers as Panasonic, FujiXerox, Canon, Fujitsu, Sanyo, Sharp, NEC, Mitsubishi, OKI, Sony, etc.

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  • Hochiminh City & Hanoi