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We are SALESCORE (, a leading global enterprise specializing in distribution solutions, leverages cutting-edge technology as the world's premier Integrated Distribution System (IDS) provider. Our innovative system-based collaborations span across global sales, supply chain, production, and the dynamic landscape of web 3.0, thereby significantly enhancing companies' sales and return on investment (ROI).

We sell the products and services of the business to 110,000 buyers and sellers in 5 countries through B2B, B2C, C2C, and WEB3.0 channels. We provide marketing support for VMC services and PG token WEB3.0 on a country-by-country basis. Our offerings include supplying products at the best prices through direct transactions with luxury goods, brands, factories, NFT manufacturers, and brands.

We customize products according to customer needs, including shopping, collaboration in sales, manufacturing, and dropshipping. We build infrastructure to increase sales volume and ROI for businesses and individuals. This global infrastructure encompasses IT, customs clearance, import/export, and logistics.

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