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“No more Monday Blues.”

Written down on a piece of a paper back in 2011, little did Ai Ching Goh and Andrea Zaggia know that those four words would mark the beginning of an incredibly exciting and rewarding journey.

In fact, all they knew was that they wanted to work in a place where two things mattered: people and communication.

Having both quit their jobs, Ai Ching and Andrea found Yet Another Studio, a graphic design agency based in Penang, an exotic Malaysian island known for its rich variety of food and incredible heritage sites.

But the initial idea of helping a select few clients communicate with greater (visual) impact soon paves way for a bigger mission: to put visual prowess in everyone’s hands.

And so four people get down to business, working day and night out of a small Penang-based warehouse to make it happen. Before too long, our first do-it-yourself infographics maker is born. And so is Piktochart.

Fast-forward to today and that four-person team has blossomed into a wonderful bunch of curious people who passionately work toward that same mission. To keep evolving and bringing even greater tools to the more than 10 million people who use Piktochart to tell amazing visual stories, in whatever format and shape they may take.

And to cut it short, that’s pretty much how we got to where we are today. (And frankly, we can’t wait for whatever comes next).

Now, let us take you on a little journey. You know, if you want to.

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