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At MySQUAR, we build engaging, habit-forming products. A good product owner understands the psychology that goes into building a product, collects data - through user surveys or through analytics - to validate hypothesis and works with the UI/UX and technical teams to shape the product around it.

Our designers have a balance of skills that range from hardcore UI design to ethnographic UX research skills.

Our engineering team loves problem solving and beautifully crafted code.

The entire team at MySQUAR is made of talented and passionate individuals, completely dedicated to making the best possible product.

If you love to build products that fit with people's needs and expectations so that it becomes a part of their daily lives, we want to work with you!

- Use Agile. We are adept at Scrum and Kanban because it helps us focus on delivering. 
- Use sticky notes, a lot. We run agile games and we have workshop sessions every Friday afternoon. 
- Keep the environment stress-free because every team member is a responsible person. 
- Care about peers and about delivering the best quality products we can 
- Test, always and everything. We make sure, as much as possible, that what we send to our users will just work.

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