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LOCKON VIETNAM is a new company established December 2013 in HCMC, owned by LOCKON in Japan. It’s our software development center in Asia and we're going to provide services to not only the parent company but also customers in Japan or other countries. It's just a beginning company for now, but we're always growing up with Japan team together. Our Japan team and Vietnam team can develop and improve our product together, and grow up together. We expand our development team more and more, and in the future, will aim to develop our new businesses in Vietnamese market.
LOCKON was established in Japan in 2001. We provide online technology services for many Japanese clients, including internet advertising and E-Commerce related software under our corporate philosophy - Impact On The World. We have two products that have No.1 market share in Japan :
- AD EBiS, online marketing suite : http://www.ebis.ne.jp/en/
- EC-CUBE, open platform in E-commerce : http://en.ec-cube.net/

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