“For you, by you” is our motto.

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Levitate is a ​real-estate development platform that aims to offer consumers more creative input when it comes to purchasing their own home. Most developers fit-out houses and apartments in a way that is easy on the eye and, ultimately, says ​nothing about the people who will eventually live there. Sure, they might make their show homes overly ​glamorous to attract high-end buyers, but which family with a three-year-old and a puppy wants polished chrome doors and a white leather couch?

“For you, by you” is our motto.

Before our projects are even constructed, prospective buyers can be ​choosing​, changing,and ​re-arranging everything from the color and style of the ​sofa to the tiles on the floor and the floor plan itself, and all according to, their ​tastes​, ​needs,​ budget and ​lifestyle​. Nowhere is this concept better demonstrated than in our personalized online ​3D design experience​. Through this, we remove the hassle, the headaches, and the inflated costs of using an interior designer. Instead, through a simple, logical, and ​entertaining portal, we give everyone, young and old, the ​tools to become an interior designer themselves.

Chế độ đãi ngộ

  • Mức lương từ $1,000-2,000
  • Chính sách phúc lợi trao đổi cụ thể khi phỏng vấn
  • Thời gian làm việc: Thời gian làm việc: 9h-18h, thứ 2 đến thứ 6 hoặc linh động.

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