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Who We Are

We are young and talented software developers. KyberOSC is strong in both technical as well as business analysis domains. We have delived many solutions with highest IT standards to our customers.

Our Teams:

We master in basic terms of software development such as project mangement, business analysis, UX design, technical design, implementation, and testing.

Development Centers:

Our developers work in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. A beautiful city with lot of technical universities.

Our Technologies

We have experiences in web, mobile, and enterprise application development. Our developers are always up to date on the latest technologies. We provide a full array of leading edge technologies to create strong, reusable, and reliable software solutions.

Chế độ đãi ngộ

  • Một năm review lương 2 lần.
  • Có thưởng KPI, tổng 14/15 tháng lương/năm.
  • Nghỉ phép 12 ngày/năm, BHXH, BHYT theo Luật lao động.
  • Nghỉ hè hàng năm.
  • Có cơ hội nâng cao tiếng Anh và trình độ kỹ thuật khi làm việc trực tiếp với các world-class developers từ US, Euro, Singapore ...
  • Được xây dựng Career path cụ thể từ HTML/CSS đến việc sử dụng các FE framework (ReactJS, VueJS) và các state management framework (Redux…)
  • Có cơ hội phát triển thành Fullstack developer với NodeJS, .Net Core...
  • Thứ 2 - Thứ 6

Sản phẩm

Web Development
Web development has become one of the fastest growing industries of all time. Our teams are working with a wide range of technologies to delivery projects to our clients. Along with must-have skill set, we are also focusing on trending technologies that would help us to provide to our customers future-proof solutions. We also have strong knowledge in CMS platforms like Sitecore, Wordpress and Drupal.
Mobile Development
Mobile applications have been taken important role at work as well as daily life. We are always ready with latest mobile development technologies. We understand that choosing the right technology stack is on of the most important decision for our customers. We have invested to master native and hybrid mobile app developments to provide our clients best suitable solutions.
Enterprise Applications
Our development teams have valuable knowledge in full life-cycle enterprise application development. We have experienced in Customer Communication Management (CCM) as well as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business domains. Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) and Event Sourcing (ES) are ones of our leading solutions.
Quality Assurance
Our QA engineers & testers are passionate, skillful. We follow a strict process to seek out critical issues that will break application features as well as user experience. Test cases are created as well as free test executions. We offer manual and also automation testings. We are always ready to help you see how to make your applications better.

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