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A fundamental pillar of our company is the belief that learning fosters creativity in young minds. Founded in 2011, KidsLoop started as an education company building roots in the content and education industries through the creation of the now globally-recognized kids IP brand Badanamu and our expert-approved Badanamu ESL curriculum. As we matured as a company, we began weaving technology into everything we do, and we now find ourselves at the forefront of the ever-exciting EdTech space.

What will the future of education look like? Built upon a decade of cumulative knowledge and experience, today we are focused on delivering personalized content backed by data to maximize the achievements of our students in the early stages of their development path. And this is why we developed our ground-breaking educational software known as KidsLoop Platform. KidsLoop Platform is a dynamic, all-in-one education platform that features world-class content, standards-based curricula, industry-leading interactive remote classroom software, and sophisticated algorithmic learning.

Below are the exciting core business verticals driving innovation inside KidsLoop:

Content. We create world-class content that promises our young audiences’ fun and exciting learning adventures and most importantly, increase engagement. From classic 2D animations to innovative 3D interactive series, our content brings joy and amazement to learning!

Curricula. Young learners three years of age and above can access a plethora of engaging and scaffolded programs across various subjects including and interactive activities! Learners engage with our structured curricula through open-ended creative activities and assessment-based lessons.

Platform. Our platform is an enterprise-ready CLMS with cutting-edge interactive remote software and an integrated content library. Coupled with our robust content authoring and digitization tools, we give educators the ability to reimagine education!

Next. KidsLoop Next enhances education through nuanced data collection and personalized analysis. Learner interaction on the platform is converted into meaningful information units through a proprietary algorithm, allowing us to tailor each child’s learning experience.

Educators, schools and education companies around the world use KidsLoop to deliver personalized and lasting learning experience and the number of students are growing day after day. We have an incredible team of innovators with employees from all over the world, including Korea, China, the UK, the US, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and more. Our global community, global attitude, and global perspective empower us to become global leaders in the market.

Are you ready to build “Education for Tomorrow?” with us at KidsLoop? 

Chế độ đãi ngộ

  • Competitive compensation with attractive performance incentives
  • Fun energetic team; international & collaborative culture
  • Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance
  • 5 working-days per week
  • Opportunities to grow professionally and play a critical role to shape the next stage of the company’s growth
  • Experience the true spirit of a fast growing and well funded UK EdTech Company.

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