Who Are We

KFit is Asia's largest lifestyle movement that aims to make fitness and lifestyle activities accessible to everyone. We have presence in over 10 cities in Asia from Taipei to Auckland. Our headquarters is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

What We Do

With the collective goal to build a fitter and more active community, KFit is devoted in bringing flexibility and variety to your lifestyle with a single membership. This single membership allows KFit members to access a variety of gyms, studios, sports complexes and activities all around the city. Instead of the traditional fitness packages in the market, KFit caters to the adventurous community, those who are seeking flexibility and variety in the type of activities and workouts they sign up for. KFit opens up new fitness possibilities.

Why Join KFit

KFit is home to some of the best minds and talent in the world. Founded by an experienced team that has built and scaled multiple tech startups across Asia, the KFit team lives and breathes entrepreneurship. The KFit family is driven, passionate and completely committed in our quest to make "fitness for everyone". KFit is growing exponentially and its fast- paced startup culture ensures endless learning and growth opportunities in a supportive environment.

KFit Asia Sdn. Bhd}

Đãi ngộ

Monthly salary Engineers: MYR5,000 - MYR12,000 Managers MYR10,000 - MYR16,000

Claimable medical expenses up to MYR 1,800 a year

Monthly laptop allowance of MYR 120

Claimable KFit services up to MYR 200 (gym, massage, haircuts, restaurants)

Monthly phone allowance of MYR 75

Reallocation assistance: One time reallocation allowance of MYR 2,000, Employment pass, One time flight from your country of origin, 2 weeks accommodation is covered by company upon your arrival