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Cultivating our passion for IT means ensuring that everyone is free to put forward an idea. Our management team at Key Consulting is there to act as an echo chamber for any initiative and to allow collective decision-making to take place. The ‘skills’ authority of our Tech Leads comes from the fact that the power is in the hands of those who know not only how to guide technological choices but also how to share knowledge.  HR support is provided regularly throughout the year, with regular check-ins that allow you to take a step back and reflect on your career plans. Deep listening is a must to support, offer guidance and advice. Each employee is a player in their own learning, training and career path, thanks to a portfolio of personalized role models.

Don't feel like doing the same thing every day? Well, neither do we! In the age of digital transformation, it's essential to embrace as many dimensions of our IT services business as possible. Technological stacks, useful coding, customer relations... our strategic capabilities offer a permanent learning ground. To help us move forward, a feedback culture is at the heart of our approach.

Our business model is based on a cluster of agencies in France and abroad. Every day, we are enriched by the diversity of our engineers and IT trends on different continents. We encourage intercultural collaboration and train our engineers to make the most of it. As a company’s performance is based on the motivation of each and every employee, guaranteeing well-being is a critical point. To enable everyone to fulfil their potential, it is essential to offer a learning, supportive and inclusive working environment.

Chế độ đãi ngộ

  • 13th month bonus : if you start in the middle of the year, the bonus will be paid in proportion to the number of days worked during the year (trial period included)
  • Trial period : 2 months
  • 5 working days - 40 hours from Monday to Friday
  • 14 annual leaves

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