KardiaChain provides hybrid blockchain infrastructure and solutions for enterprises and governments in Vietnam and other South East Asia countries.

KardiaChain believes that blockchain should be accessible to everyone. We invent non-invasive cross-chain technology and work with major service providers to blockchainise conventional business models. Our disruptive feature allows businesses to expedite the blockchain mass adoption process efficiently and reduce the need for educating the market. We provide more usability and blockchain features for an increasing number of service providers in the KardiaChain ecosystem.

KardiaChain culture:

You would love working with us for the following reasons:

We are working with the latest technological breakthrough that could make a positive impact on society. A team with desire, passion and a clear vision of what we want to achieve.An environment where you can gain invaluable experiences from many blockchain experts.



Sản phẩm
KAI membership

A flagship application pushing the frontier of mass adoption. A super app for the general public to earn, store, spend, and invest KAI, focusing on user experience and utilities.

Youth Union App

The mobile app aims to improve and tokenise volunteering tasks for the Union members. It also helps the Union digitising, managing membership data, and personal IDs. First phase creates a new playground for more than 60,000 young people in District 5 of Ho Chi Minh city. They can play games, finish tasks and do tests or quiz to earn KAI from the Union.

Đãi ngộ

Chích sách phúc lợi theo quy định công ty và nhà nước.

Có thưởng dự án và thưởng năng lực cuối năm.