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HeyKorean.com is a leader in global web service products used to provide a diverse range of services including news, shopping, social network services and etc. 

Our company is based in New York, USA, as well as Seoul, South Korea. 

We are currently looking for excellent PHP Junior to Mid­-Level Software Engineers, Android Developer, and Web Designer, to work with on new Projects at our Vietnam office.

The ideal candidate must have the ability to juggle multiple tasks and projects, and will continually be looking to improve skill set and keep up with technologies and languages. 

Must possess a keen, analytical mind, and enjoy challenges and is eager to explore new technologies. As an extremely progressive company, we embrace new ideas and never fearful of change – sky is the limit here!

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  • 7th floor, Charmvit Tower, 117 Tran Duy Hung street, Trung Hoa, Ha Noi., Thành phố Hà Nội