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The IT team is building as SAAS + PAAS application :https://www.quora.com/What-are-Iaas-Paas-and-Saas-Can-you-give-examples-of-each

Emerhub provides professional services for companies entering Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines i.e. due to the overload of govt rules and laws, a lot of forms have to be filled and compliance keeps on changing from govt side. Right now this process is manual in every firm worldwide, there is no application available to automate this process where the company/individual can log in and start applying for company registration.

In Emerhub, the IT team is committed to building new applications to automate this process for our esteemed clients. Clients a log-in/register and can fill the application as per the specifications they want to get their company registered in Vietnam / Indonesia / India / Philippines. We are expanding to other countries and growing fast. Our IT team has 5-6 members from 5 different countries and all members are working remotely at this time. The plan is to have one consolidated team working under one roof and so we are hiring designers, developers in Vietnam and Indonesia offices. In a bit more technical terms, ours is a SAAS + PAAS application (Software-as-a-Service + Product-as-a-Service). This upcoming online product will solve a big pain for everyone to sit at any corner of the world and open company right from their design in another country. Apart from company registry, out the upcoming application will comprise of Payroll processing + Online shipment import, tax & accounting, Head-hunting, Due Diligence, Visa & work permit processing, Compliances with one click 100% statutory compliance with PF/ESI/PT/TDS, etc in future (under development). In the future this HCMS (human resource management system) will have leave management, paperless onboarding, attendance management, employee life cycle, etc. and will have its own dedicated mobile app as well.

So the development is going on full-fledged speed, and we have UI/UX designers in our remote team, 3 backend developers and 2 front end developers + 2 Product Managers. The team isexpanding fast.

IT team in Vietnam is supposed to be 4-6 people team in the coming 2 months and we are hiring for UI/UX designers, Front end devs + back end devs.

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  • 13th month salary
  • Private Insurance
  • 12 annual paid leave days.
  • Foreign environment
  • Training
  • Young, dynamic, open, friendly working environment
  • Flexible working hours (From Monday and Friday).

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