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Ecotek was founded in 2018 under Ecopark Group to establish an inclusive ecosystem with the goal of weaving community and technology to work towards a continually evolving model city of the future for Vietnam.

Ecotek was recently founded when the vision of its founders to become an orchestrator within a digital ecosystem collided with Ecopark's vision to establish an exemplary model of a Smart City for Vietnam. We here at Ecotek aim to harness the power of technological ingenuity such as blockchain, data analytics, and centralized computing in order to establish a fertile technical foundation from which Ecopark can grow their dreams for a Smart City.

With contributions from a technical team with decades of experience in fintech and banking, alongside the financial power as well as real estate expertise of Ecopark, we believe in a future where Ecopark will be the nuclear point from which our model for smart city development will radiate and transform the entire country into one of the world's leading digital society.

In order to help us realize this grand vision, we are currently looking for a Software Engineering Manager with progressive technical experience, sharp coding skills, and a passion for managing engineers in a consistently evolving environment.

If you are interested in playing a central role in the establishment of Vietnam's first digital ecosystem, working alongside a cast of diverse employees from many different countries with a set of diverse skills and expertise, then we want to hear from you!

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