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DONG NAM LOGISTICS is one of the fastest growing and top-ranked Logistics companies in Vietnam with 3 offices in Vietnam . Most people don't know that we are also a technology startup!

Dong Nam Logistics is working on an innovative SaaS web application called iShipto, that will allow any company to manage their logistics flow. The first version of our app is due to be released in 2019 however; we need more Web Developers to develop and support the product into the future.

We are looking to hire great developers to join our team. If you want to work on a new exciting project and you have at least 3 or more years of web development experience, we are offering generous salaries and a great working environment.

Reasons to join us:

  • Opportunity to work on a new exciting logistics product for global market.
  • A workplace that cares about employees’ well beings and offer generous benefits.
  • Friendly Workplace and Capable Colleagues always pushing you to the next level.


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  • Phòng 506 tầng 5, tòa nhà V.E.T, 98 Hoàng Quốc Việt, Phường Nghĩa Đô, Quận Cầu Giấy, Thành phố Hà Nội, Việt Nam