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DingGo the 'Uber' of the food & entertainment worlds. Merchants can instantly send out any promotions or deals to nearby users and convert them to paying customers. Whether it may be unsold cakes or empty cinema seats, DingGo will help you convert your spare capacity!
Currently accelerated by Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MAGIC), Singapore’s Mediacorp and SMU, we are currently in "beta" phase of development but seeking to build a strong team to journey with us into our next phase of development.

Expect to be in for an exciting ride as we constantly pitch ideas and go through highs and lows on this journey with us. We are a diverse group of individuals with really unique backgrounds but all with the common goal in wanting to help merchants reduce their wasted capacities and provide customers with a sweet deal. Join us!

Our website: http://dinggo.co/

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