The Vietnam Trade Alliance serves a close association of member firms with mutual and aligned interests to provide unparalleled customer service to all stakeholders. The result of the Alliance is the most advanced and transparent route to market available in Vietnam today.

The Vietnam Trade Alliance has a distribution and logistics platform that melds the perfect mix of products, manpower, leadership, and technology. The result of this union is a closed system of logistics allowing for 24 hour national delivery with real time domestic tracking and visibility.

The Vietnam Trade Alliance does not use wholesalers or sub distributors and has no gap in physical transparency. The result is a superior data archive for all sales, logistics, inventory, collections, and administrative functions nationwide. This data archive is then mined by our own proprietary ERP technology based on Microsoft Dynamics. The result is custom dashboard reports for all levels of staff and management emphasizing the areas needing the most management focus until Vietnam Trade Alliance and the development of Alli, these tools were simply not available.

To preserve this unique balance, Vietnam Trade Alliance only considers new relationships with products that complement and enhance the current structure. Our goal is not to have the most customers. Our goal is to best the best distribution company in Vietnam so that we have the most satisfied customers.

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