In 1952, San Fu Group launched its business in Banqiao, producing food-additive chemicals with self-developed production technology.

With our dedicated effort for more than half a century, we have grown from a small plant to an international conglomerate with annual revenue over NT$20 billion. Based in Taiwan, San Fu represents an aggressive group of several subsidiaries and affiliates in Europe, America, South East Asia, China and Hong Kong. We are also prepared to provide our customers with a wide spectrum of offerings, especially high-tech specialty chemicals, beverage and food, etc. San Fu Group, committed to being the best business partner for customers , always adheres to its core values ​​- Innovation, Integrity and Simplicity.

In order to move forward to a professional goal, Sanfu Chemical was officially divided into two companies. They were Sanfu Chemical and Air Product Sanfu which operated independently in October 2003. Nowadays, there are 300 employees in Sanfu Chemical with an annual revenue of approximately NT $4 billion. Main products and services cover the electronics industry, including wet chemicals, equipment, and operation required by IC semiconductors, LCD, touch panels, LED, solar panels and other industries; etching and thinning of glass, foundry of polishing fluids, food Additives, food materials, and basic chemicals such as pHBA, cyclohexylamine, dicyclohexylamine, etc.

The target of products growth is 15% each year. In quality, production, and service aspects, we keep improving and expect to be the best partner for customers.