Công ty cổ phần truyền thông Qct Việt Nam

Công ty cổ phần truyền thông Qct Việt Nam

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Establish in 2011, Qct Vietnam has since grown with 1 subsidiary in Vietnam. QCT Viet Nam Media Joint Stock Company is an animation company specializing in 2D. We focus on producing, providing and distributing animations and programs with diverse contents and top qualified images.

At the time being, QCT Viet Nam is expanding our specialty in such other fields as 3D film production, advertising cartoons and advertising comics, Corporation Identify Program and System Application Products.

Being created and leaded by Mr. Nguyen Doan Thanh-the owner of a short film named “Chu be danh giay” or “The boy and the dog” that won silver kite award at 2009 short film festival in company with young, passionate and dedicated talents, QCT Viet Nam are more and more assured of firm initiatives to prove ourselves in Vietnamese animation market in general and Vietnamese 2D animation market in particular, then international animation market.

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