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Care is on a mission to create a world where healthcare is patient-centered, seamless, and accessible anywhere.  We are in a strategic partnership with our sister company, Raffles Medical Group, to provide 100+ medical services digitally in 14 cities and more.  Today, our app is used at the frontlines of COVID19 to support doctors through telemedicine, vaccine paassports, and test certificates. As the digital natives of today become the aging population of tomorrow, we hope to use this momentum to build a health "superapp" that makes healthcare and insurance seamless.  We are an engineer-led company that seeks clean code, uptime, and product-market fit. Come join us, and bring your talents to solve the biggest problems in the world today.

Chế độ đãi ngộ

  • Hybrid (WFH 3 ngày/tuần). Thời gian làm việc T2 - T6 (9h - 18h)
  • 14 ngày nghỉ phép/năm
  • Full BH trên lương Gross (Bao gồm 2 tháng thử việc)
  • Cung cấp MacBook
  • Team Building & Happy Friday
  • Học tiếng anh 1-1 với Giáo viên nước ngoài
  • Khám sức khoẻ định kì hàng năm
  • Annual Salary Review + Bonus

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