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We are an IT laboratory, and a member of BlockBase. BlockBase is a Canada-based venture capital company that is expanding its investment portfolio to Asia-Pacific and more specifically, into Vietnam. Acquiring OneBlock Labs - an experienced Vietnamese blockchain lab established from 2017, BlockBase’s goal is to reconstruct the investment portfolio and separate investment funds and product development; ultimately to become a venture builder that not only operates as a venture capital but as a fund incubator providing investment standards to Vietnamese & international investors as well.  BlockBase also establishes Herond Labs, a strategic subsidiary that functions as a blockchain lab, developing products and providing technical, blockchain and web3 solutions, bridging the gap between web2 and web3.  Blockchain and Web3 continue to to usher in a new dreamy era that will completely change the world in the future. BlockBase was born with the mission of incubating and supporting projects to access resources and build a meaningful journey, turning those dreams into reality.

BlockBase OverView

  • $10M AUM
  • 20+ Projects funding and incubating
  • 20+ In-house operations professionals with specialized sector knowledge and experience


  • BlockBase Partners with HYFI 2023 to Explore the Future of Hybrid Finance
  • Unicorns and Blockchains: How VCs are funding the Future of Web3
  • BlockBase spreads its aspiration to build a reliable solution ecosystem for the Web 3.0 to APAC


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  • Nghỉ phép năm theo quy định của Nhà nước
  • Làm việc Từ thứ 2 đến thứ 6 (Sáng 08h00-12h00, Chiều 13h00-16h30)

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