Allied Tech Base Co.,Ltd.
Allied Tech Base Co.,Ltd.

Allied Tech Base Co.,Ltd.

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About Us 

We are a Japan-based social marketing company specializing in supporting companies with marketing using social media and are proud to have the highest share of use among similar services within Japan.

Based on our principles of "Connecting People and Companies through Social Technology.", we look forward to continuing to grow our services, diversifying our businesses, accelerating our efforts to expand internationally, and leading the social media marketing industry.

We are a subsidiary of Allied Architects which went public on Tokyo Stock Exchange's Mothers market (6081) In November 2013.

We are committed to expanding our operations around the marketing services in Asia.



Our core expertise

Based on our principles of "Connecting People and Companies through Social Technology", we provide a variety of services supporting companies' marketing with SNS.

We support companies' marketing with high performance, through our 3 main businesses: SNS Promotion Business, Data Management Business, and Ad Technology Business.

  • SNS Promotion Business creates relations between companies and customers.
  • Data Management Business accumulates, manages, and sorts user data through our Promotion.
  • Ad Technology Business utilizes accumulated data as a means to SNS advertisement.


Our culture

  • Accountability and responsibility. Everyone has to commit on what he/she promised.
  • You’re respected. It means you can make a decision on the project technical approach.
  • You have right to lead project/product to get success.
  • Tell us what you need to deliver a great job.
  • You need to learn hard, work hard to get success here.
  • You need to discuss and present your idea before coding, it’s a MUST.

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