AITT Artificial Intelligence Technology Company
AITT Artificial Intelligence Technology Company

AITT Artificial Intelligence Technology Company

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AITT Artificial Intelligence Technology Company has the precursor of SION Enterprise Software Solution, with more than 10 years of developing software for Vietnamese enterprises. AITT specializes in research, development and application deployment of IT software systems into production management and business management in order to enhance the efficiency of operation and administration in the enterprises and business - social organizations. 

AITT’s strengths are to inherit and develop the accumulated experience of previous versions, building the software based on the management of the overall enterprise, solving multi-skilled management. To help with management issues for enterprises, improve production and business activities.

Currently, we have 3 product lines that support business as well as store sales management store: OhStore Store and Sale management software, OhCool cold storage management software and OhCoolEx irradiation management software. And we also developed a number of portals for end users with activities in sports, learning to improve knowledge ... with the desire to support up to the maximum user tastes and moreover, the company image ad to many domestic and foreign customers.

Aim to build the reputation by “Product quality” and “Service quality”, AITT maps out development strategy “To become the leading supplier of high-quality software for organizations and enterprises in Vietnam” by 2020. We are confident and eager to progress in the field of technology, aspiring to reach the top, we aspire to recruit talent of Vietnam to accompany us.


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