Junior DevOps Engineer

CB/I Digital

Vietnam Office: ROBOT TOWER, Lầu 6, 308 - 308C Điện Biên Phủ, Phường 04, Quận 3, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
Job Description
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Your role & responsibilities

The DevOps Engineer position at Chi Doanh is responsible for deploying systems, data platforms, and cloud infrastructure, as well as assisting in system design and operation to ensure efficient development and deployment.

  • Operate and maintain Cloud server, system
  • Configure settings and system optimization for running applications and services
  • Track, analyze, and process the system related numbers
  • Develop or integrate monitoring and system management tools suitable for the company's technology and platform

Your skills & qualifications

  • Experience and background knowledge in security: firewall, IDS, VPN, virus prevention and detection, network attack prevention, encryption, and security
  • Have a solid knowledge of networking: TCP / IP, IPV4, IPV6, Switching / routing
  • Having a solid knowledge of systems: operating system (Linus, Window server, etc.), carrying services such as monitoring, email, web, DNS, cloud, virtualization, and others
  • Have knowledge of source code and issues management systems: SVN / Git
  • Skilled & optimized with Nginx, Memcached, Redis, etc.
  • Have skills to build and use monitor tools: Nagios, Rabbix, etc.
  • Have knowledge of and experience with AWS, Google Cloud or related cloud providers
  • Get Docker knowledge and build multiple stages, register and practice, and deploy docker images
  • Understand and have experience with the use of Docker, Kubernetes operators
  • In-depth understanding of Kubernetes microservice architecture and internal components
  • Solid deployment experience on Linux or UNIX
  • Understand and implement Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Understanding GitOps including workflows and Infrastructure as Code (IAC).
  • Understand the Distributed Systems Consistency Model and Design Practices
  • Understand and practice Kubernetes monitoring and endurance measurement
  • Experience in building and analyzing high availability (HA) systems on Kubernetes or VM.
  • Understanding the Kubernetes network architecture how traffic travels across clusters, between clusters, load balancers, and the internet
  • Understand Kubernetes DNS how it interacts with external DNS servers
  • End to end troubleshooting experience on server systems or Kubernetes.
  • Analyze and advise how Kubernetes works as well as deploying Kubernetes.
  • Experience with Prometheus, Graphite, and Kiali is an advantage
  • Experience with data modeling languages ​​like Jsonnet is an advantage

Benefits for you

  • Learn advanced coding techniques from leading industry experts
  • Gain extensive coding experience and skills from a variety of projects, platforms
  • Work in a dynamic, transparent, and professional environment
  • Improve English language and communication skills
  • Receive social insurance, health insurance and other benefits in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law and the Company.
  • PLUS Bao Viet, PTI premium insurance
  • Participate in the company trip every year
  • Have opportunities for a salary raise ahead of time with solid contribution. Enjoy the 13th month salary and bonus according to the project progress.
  • Receive overtime pay according to company policy (x1.5 with weekdays, x2 weekends)
  • Working time: Mon-Fri


CB/I Digital


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United States, Vietnam

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