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119-127 Nguyễn Cơ Thạch, Phường An Lợi Đông, Thành phố Thủ Đức, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
Job Description
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Main Purpose:

  • Office: Support departments to deal with problems fastest, ensuring the committed schedule when required.
  • Store: Handling all IT-related problems (computers, printers, phones, card scanners, TVs, music devices, amps, speakers, cameras, barcode readers, and internet), the Odoo sales system ensures smooth sales.

Your role & responsibilities

  • Troubleshoot at Aldo Stores in the South (Odoo sales system, Internet, printers, card scanners, phones, POS machines, Camera systems, speakers, amps, music equipment, TVs ...).
    •  Backup job store in the North region
    •  Periodically go to the store every month to observe, record the opinions of the Store, and report. 
  • Support and handle the fastest problems related to IT of CL-HCM office block (Internet, printer, scan, Odoo system, accounting software application...).
  • Understand the functions of the Odoo system to support End users. Support users when there is a problem related to the Odoo sales system.  Handle and fix errors quickly to ensure the Store's sales are unaffected.
  • Support for Aldo South stores in Sales Promotion & Create Sale channel: user, create warehouse, sales team, analytic account, update product price, Promotion price, Event... on Odoo system when receiving the request
  • Coordinate with the construction team to set up the location of IT equipment (speakers, amps, music equipment, camera) to pull signal wires and power cords.  Work with Suppliers, getting Internet, phone line, and IT equipment ready for new store
  • Set up IT equipment (Internet, phone, card scanner, POS machine, printer, music device, speaker, amps, camera, TV...) according to the set plan.  Handing over to Ops and SM of the store 02 days before the opening date.
  • Do PR to buy new and replacement equipment for stores and office blocks.  Make Odoo User guide document for Store & Office.
  • Other tasks are assigned by the IT Manager

Your skills & qualifications


  • Graduated from College, University with a major in IT


  • 1-year experience in a similar position

Work related skills

  • Knowledge of computer hardware and software systems.
  • Experience working with suppliers on warranty and maintenance of information technology equipment.
  • Experience repairing hardware and office equipment: Printer, wifi, camera,...
  • Experience in identifying, diagnosing, and supporting users with computer problems, advising on system upgrades or replacement equipment

Soft skills

  • Teamwork and problem-solving skills.
  • Communication skills, support coordination skills, problem-solving skills
  • Report weekly and monthly work to superiors.

Benefits for you

  • Health care and dental insurance.
  • Phone and gas allowance.
  • 12 paid-leave days a year.
  • Good discounts at Highlands Shops and Pho24 shops, with additional ALDO product promotions.
  • Prime location in Sala.
  • Sponsored events (Women’s Day, Men’s Day, Halloween party, Christmas party, Year-end party, and more).
  • Mon - Fri (8:30 - 17:30)


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