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DevOps Engineer

We are looking for a Devops Engineer, who:

  • Must be familiar with the software development cycle and have a strong understanding of security best practices.
  • Key function will be to bring a culture of automation first with what you do as well as a collaborative approach to working with development and operations teams.
  • You will enable fast, reliable, repeatable cloud service deployments to our data centers as well as AWS/Google Cloud in future.
  • Working closely with each of our product development teams you will ensure that our CI tools, processes and methods are enabling us to deliver services and will ensure a smooth and transition from our development to our production environments.
  • Working closely with our production operations team you will ensure a high level of automation and repeatability is achieved with our operational processes.

Your role & responsibilities:

  • Manage VM/Cloud infrastructure, including but not limited to building, deploying, orchestrating clusters.
  • Develop and maintain scripts and tools, for example, to take snapshots, back up clusters.
  • Build monitoring system for infrastructure.
  • Audit infrastructure’s security & make necessary changes.
  • Define workflows to best serve the purpose of secure, stable, flexible and scalable clusters.
  • Optimize infrastructure for security, performance, and cost.
  • Prepare CI/CD environment.
  • Develop and maintain build scripts.
  • Control source code.
  • Perform integration build and make sure the build is successful.
  • Create installer.
  • Deploy product for sanity testing.
  • Simulate end-user for platform testing.
  • Compose Installation Guide, Release documents.
  • Report to Release Leader / Project manager.
  • Contribute to the quality management.

Your skills & qualifications:

  • Bachelor/ Master degree in IT / networking / development and other related fields.
  • At least 1 year experience with automating build, deployment, and configuration of complex applications.
  • Experience with container: Docker and related technologies. K8S is a plus.
  • Experience in cloud infrastructure is a plus, especially with AWS or Google Cloud.
  • Experience in building highly available and scalable infrastructure.
  • Experience with automation/ orchestrating tools and configuration management systems such as Ansible, SaltStack, CloudFormation, Puppet, etc.
  • Experienced in CI/CD tools such as Jenkins 2/Hudson, Sonar, Nexus/JFrog, etc.
  • Experience in scripting (e.g., shell, python, ruby, etc.).
  • Excellent cooperation and communication skills.
  • Responsible and proactive.
3 days ago


  • Tòa nhà TNG, số 180-192 Nguyễn Công Trứ, Phường Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

Year of experience

1 năm


Fresher, Junior

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Recruitment process

  • Round 1:

    Interview with HR
  • Round 2:

    Interview with Tech Lead
  • Round 3:

    Interview with IT Manager



  • Tòa nhà TNG, số 180-192 Nguyễn Công Trứ, Phường Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

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