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Data Science Manager

The Data Science Manager will be responsible for leading the Data Science team to develop and manage the data science strategy for the company. They will work with stakeholders across the business to identify opportunities to use data to drive decision making. The Data Science Manager will also be responsible for building and maintaining a team of data scientists, as well as developing and managing relationships with external partners.

Your role & responsibilities:

  • Formulating, suggesting, and managing data-driven projects which serve business's interests. Selecting and employing advanced statistical procedures to obtain actionable insights.
  • Builds, validates, and improves predictive models. Cross-validating models to ensure their generalizability.
  • Tailors the analytical approach to the business question. Suggesting ways in which insights obtained might be used to inform business strategies.
  • Processes, cleans and verifies data to support analyses and models.
  • Translate new innovations intro data driven solutions.
  • Contribute to development of smart digital products (i.e. report, dashboard, model, application).
  • Delegating tasks to Data Scientists in order to realize the successful completion of projects.
  • Monitoring the performance of Data Scientists and providing them with practical guidance, as needed.
  • Producing and disseminating non-technical reports that detail the successes and limitations of each project.
  • Act as evangelist of data science throughout the OpCo. Staying informed about developments in Data Science and adjacent fields to ensure that outputs are always relevant.

Your skills & qualifications:

  • MS/PhD in a technical discipline related to Data Science (Data Science, Physics, Computer Science, Econometrics, Bioinformatics, etc.)
  • 7+ years of experience as a Data Scientist in the industry. Extensive experience as a data scientist.
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning, Statistics, and related fields. Competent in machine learning principles and techniques.
  • Fluent Python programming skills and thorough knowledge of pandas & scikit-learn
  • Proficiency in SQL
  • Experience with applying software engineering best practices
  • Ability to relay insights that can be used to inform business decisions. Strong communication skills so that you can tailor your message to the audience, be it a fellow Data Scientist or a Sales Manager
  • Value-driven and pragmatic mind-set: focus on getting a result in an Agile manner Advanced degree in data science, statistics, computer science, or similar.
  • Demonstrable history of devising and overseeing data-centered projects.
  • Outstanding supervision and mentorship abilities.
  • Capacity to foster a healthy, stimulating work environment that frequently harnesses teamwork.
  • Compliance with prevailing ethical standards.



  • Vietcombank Tower, 18th & 19th floor, 05 Cong Truong Me Linh, Phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

Recruitment process

  • Round 1:

    Screening by phone -> 1st interview with LM: Overview
  • Round 2:

    2nd interview with LM: Case study
  • Round 3:

    Final interview with D&T Director & People Business Partner



  • Vietcombank Tower, 18th & 19th floor, 05 Cong Truong Me Linh, Phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

Company size

Over 1000


Tech stack