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Job Description
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The primary responsibility of Team Leader is to monitor and enhance the goal of quality support by providing individual coaching feedback and one-on-ones that focus on improving customer satisfaction and communication skills.

Your role & responsibilities

1. Business management: 

  • Make sure the team meets MS KPI. 
  • Make sure the team follows the compliance and security policies. 
  • Offer the non-technical training (including but not limited to business processes, case handling skills, telephone, and email skills, out of office processes, leave procedures, and demission procedures) to help the new members to get familiar with the process and tools. 
  • Review cases daily and find out the problems to make sure customer issues are well-resolved. 
  • Follow up on the progress of each case in time to ensure the effective actions are taken. 
  • Find out the root cause of cases that customers are not satisfied with and do the analysis to make improvement. 
  • Participate in internal weekly and monthly Business Review Meetings to present operational results and action plans. 
  • Collect data and create reports to meet business needs. 

2. Managing Collaborative Activities: 

  • Collaborate on cross-group and cross-product issues by working with resources from other groups to solve customer problems. Help drive cases with the highest priorities by working with managers, engineers, and other stakeholders. 
  • Work with Microsoft to get effective support on critical and complex issues. 
  • Coach team members to work with internal teams to ensure the right individuals and resources are well-allocated. 
  • Provide team members with necessary support and assistance to keep team morale and ensure the smooth operation of the team.

3. Business Communication: 

  • Maintain good business relationship with customers. 
  • Participate in customer facing business review meetings to gather feedback and resolve issues. 
  • Drive the negotiation, creation, execution and modification of business processes and procedures. 
  • Offer the professional image towards Microsoft (Customers).

Your skills & qualifications

  • Have at least 2 year-experience in the same role or 1 year at supervisor level in contact center industry. 
  • Excellent team leadership skills, able to unite the team, and help team members maximize their strengths and improve their weaknesses. 
  • Good process and risk management skills can ensure that the performance of the team is stable and continuously improved. 
  • Have a sense of community and responsibility, be able to align the policy of team, good at management and communication of employees, and be willing to make additional contributions for team. 
  • Excellent presentation skills. 
  • Good English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, able to use it as a working language. 
  • Excellent customer service awareness. 
  • Ability to train and mentor, experience in quality monitoring and improvement. 
  • Have practical management experience or basic management ideas, excellent analytical skills, and problem-solving skills.
  • Be proficient in using office software, such as PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

Benefits for you

  • Performance Bonus
  • Social and Health insurance follow Vietnamese Law
  • Young & Dynamic Working Environment
  • International Culture
  • 24/7 Insurance for Night-shift
  • Annual Health Check-up




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  • Round 1: Communication + English test
  • Round 2: Technical test

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