Wow AI, Inc

Wow AI, Inc

A global provider of high-quality AI training data

A global provider of high-quality AI training data

A trusted partner that provides high-quality data solutions for AI training at a large scale. Wow AI is incorporated in the US. Wow AI provides clients with AI/ML training data solutions by handling crowdsourcing projects that need hundreds to thousands of freelancers/ agents to work on such as transcription, annotation, recording, etc. These projects are to provide data for training AI/ML.   

Our mission is to focus on delivering the highest quality of AI training data for a better AI algorithm, with a vision to become an all-in-one platform for all AI data services at a global scale. In order to bring value as a close-knit and trustworthy collection of global crowds Tech-driven mindsets. Our DNA is a globally distributed company that allows you to work fully remote with flexible working hours, we always work with folks from all walks of life with no borders.



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