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V-Key is one of the world’s leading deep-tech companies in mobile cyber-security. Our patented technology V-OS has been deployed by top banks, mobile payment providers, and governments to secure software solutions and protect more than 150 million users globally.

We are rapidly expanding into new markets and new customer segments. Apart from securing digital transactions for everyone, we are also enabling new generation technology by providing the cyber-security infrastructure for banking, government and smart homes, among many others.

At V-Key, we are building towards a future where technology users can enjoy unprecedented security and convenience.


  • Dynamic, young and friendly environment with enjoyable staffs activities
  • Macbook Pro laptop for working
  • Base salary package
  • Annual leaves with 14 days at the beginning and insurance types following by the Labour Code
  • Flexi benefits and leaves as per organization’s policy (birthday leave, personal leave, medical leave, and monthly work from home)
  • Performance based reward and recognition
  • Healthcare package, company trip, and quarterly team building
  • Gifts on Public Holidays
  • Working time: 8h30-17h30 Monday to Friday


V-OS Virtual Secure Element
V-OS Virtual Secure Element
V-OS is V-Key’s core patented technology: a virtual secure element. It is a secure sandbox that is embedded within a native iOS or Android mobile app, and creates a safe operating environment where data can be stored and cryptographic processes can be executed in isolation from the rest of the mobile app.
V-OS Mobile App Protection
V-OS Mobile App Protection
V-OS Mobile App Protection solution can detect and protect the mobile app from threats, such as reverse-engineering, hooking, tampering, app integrity checks, library signature validation, code-injection, debugging and many more. In an insecure OS environment when the phone is compromised, apps integrated with V-OS Mobile Application Protection have rooted and jailbreak detection mechanisms that allows a mobile app to run smoothly without compromise of its integrity and confidentiality, without breaking it’s security or leaking any sensitive information stored inside the app.
V-OS Smart Token
V-OS Smart Token
V-OS Smart Token is a versatile and highly secure second-factor authentication and authorization solution on mobile devices, an alternative to traditional hardware OTP tokens and OTP generated via SMS.
V-OS Biometric Identities
V-OS Biometric Identities
Optimized face biometric deployment options, at the highest level of security
V-Key Smart Authenticator 3.0
V-Key Smart Authenticator 3.0
Are you ready to go passwordless? Sign up for the V-Key Smart Authenticator today and get a one month Free Trial. Businesses, like relationships, are built on trust. Are your employees working remotely? Do you have a large number of users who need to access your app or system? With organizations moving towards multi-factor authentication (MFA), a simple password is just not enough. Unfortunately, SMS OTPs have been proven insecure, being vulnerable to interception and phishing attacks. Hardware tokens are expensive to deploy, can get lost or stolen, are not user-friendly, and require regular replacement. The V-Key authenticator provides strong and flexible, yet less expensive multi-factor authentication using a mobile authenticator that is ideal for small and medium sized businesses.

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