OpenStream World

OpenStream World

Together we are stronger!

Together we are stronger!

Livestream to earn and decentralized the video streaming network.

OpenStream World is a decentralized video streaming network; built to enable scalable, easy to host, interactive online events.

Through the power of open source software, we optimize the use of resources like computational power and bandwidth, and use crypto-economic incentives for bootstrapping and participation; there is an opportunity here to deliver an infrastructure that can power video streaming applications at a highly efficient price, and infinite scale.

OpenStream World = Streaming + NFTs + Fundraising + Forging

Along with the proliferation of high quality cameras and ubiquitous bandwidth, the belief is that this will enable video applications to be created that were never before possible under traditional, centralized cost structures. This technology has the potential to unlock communications, economic opportunity, and entertainment for society going forward. By providing the best possible portal to OpenStream World, we hope to seize this opportunity and fulfill our project's goal.

OpenStream World
OpenStream App

Powerful app that allows you to build a conversation within minutes. Viewers/streamers can earn tokens. Live stream can share to many different platforms such as: Facebook, Youtube

OpenStream Core

Provide a livestream solution with a competitive price.

Initial Open Stream Offering (IOSO)

A new way of raising funds used to start up a business, or to further development and expansion.

Livestream NFTs Marketplace

Can livestream to trade and transfer NFTs inside the OSW ecosystem.

Stream Node Forgers

Deploy an Openstream node to transcode video streams in exchange for OSW token rewards.



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