Nuri Flex

Nuri Flex

Enjoy Smart Life in Green World

Enjoy Smart Life in Green World

NURI Telecom Viet Nam is a 100% Korean company doing business in Telecommunication and Advantage Infrastructure.

Providing Optimal IoT Solution for Utilities, Manufacturing, Energy and Public Sector

NuriFlex focuses on Intelligent Metering Infrastructure (AMI) products, which are core solutions of Smart Grid, using communication software and application solutions. It also provides automatic identification using EMS, barcode / RFID System (Auto-ID: Identification), Intelligent Disaster Prevention System, and Smart Grid and Micro Grid.

In particular, electric / water / gas / AMI systems using the wire / wireless communication method provided by NuriFlex are being adopted by 46 overseas electric power companies including KEPCO, leading the domestic smart grid and Internet of things.

NuriFlex is rapidly adopting new technology and advanced technology and diversified business experience to advance into the global markets such as Europe, Africa and Asia to enhance the status of Korea's IT technology. Also, We are opening the world of IoT through AMI, the core infrastructure of Smart Grid.

Our Vision

Communication SW technology and abundant domestic and overseas AMI business experience




  • 107 Hoa Lan, Phường 02, Quận Phú Nhuận, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

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