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At Netbrand we believe a Brand Personality for a company is like a reputation for a person. Brands, like people, earn their reputation by trying to do hard things well..
We believe people choose brands on their perception of it’s reputation and it’s unique ability to understand and reflect their own personality.
The Netbrand team‘s focus is to create and shape unique brand personalities and build emotional connections and trust with custom- ers – from first impression to lasting action. Since 2009, we have been building successful long-term partnerships with our clients by sin- cerely listening, understanding and keeping our promises.

We collaborate and bring our experience and know-how together to help our client’s deliver the right strategic brand direction (brand per- sonality) and expressions to realize a brand’s full business potential.

Most of our customers are companies and co- operations of different businesses:
+ Consult & Design Imuzik, Portal music web- site. This's a big product of Viettel telecom with revenue 30 billion VND /month

+ Design original logo and identity of kichi kichi, famous restaurant of Golden gate group. Express rotary hotpot is undisputed leader of Hotpot Buffet in Vietnam with 25 outlets all over Vietnam and 2 outlets in Singa- pore at this moment.

+ Design website official of Vingroup and Vincom shopping mall.
Vingroup is recognised as one of the most powerful, dynamic and sustainable private en- terprises in Vietnam with high potential for in- ternational integration. As of the end of 2013, it owns and controls almost 30 large-scale real estate and tourism properties in prime loca- tions across Vietnam and at the same time possesses the largest charter capital in Viet- nam’s stock market of nearly USD3 billion.

+ Consult and Rebrand Cozy with new images and package. COZY's a brand of Future Gener- ation Company. Company's products have been exported to 50 countries worldwide.

+ Creative digital marketing for Line App, product of Naver Japan. LINE has more than 380 million users worldwide and i used in over 231 countries!
...And many other brands. 

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