VUIApp - VUI là có lương

VUIApp - VUI là có lương

Nano is a fintech start-up founded in Jan 2020 by Dzung Dang (ex-Uber GM and ZaloPay CEO) and Thang Nguyen (CTO Focal Labs).  VUI ( is a payroll product that pays workers daily instead of monthly for retailers and manufacturers in Southeast Asia. Employers compete with the gig economy for workers, which comes with a flexible work schedule and pays daily. With Nano, employees can get paid anytime they choose with a tap on their phone. 

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Phòng 702, Capital Building, ngõ 36 Giang Văn Minh, Phường Kim Mã, Quận Ba Đình, Thành phố Hà Nội

Company size


Tech stack



Open culture: straight constructive feedback to any level, never tolerate with office politics

Flexitime from Monday to Friday

Sharp & clear discussion together with you on problem solving. We’re a team, we handle hardship & complexity together.

Performance bonus, 13th salary

Salary review every year

Insurance policy up to full salary, up on your choice

Free tea & coffee

Free snack twice a week

Company taxi card for business trip

All team meeting at 5 stars hotel every year. Occasional company trips & team building event

Fifa, Dota, CS go, guitar, football.