Minori Technology

Minori Technology

MINORI Technology® is a customer focused and technology-driven company providing product
engineering and enterprise software/application development services that help clients in
crafting holistic value for their software development efforts.

Our Vision:
To be founded in the period that Vietnam is integrating strongly into the world, MINORI determines to be an important part of global IT industry.

Our Mission:
Enhance the capacity of all employees and bring the greatest success for all customers, for which the human is always put in the center of all activities as well as the customer is constant target of every developing orientation and MINORI absorb continuously the most advanced technology or process.

Our Strength:
MINORI’s force is converged from 3 following points.

– Capacity. MINORI’s staff have to improve incessantly their professional competencies, train their accountability, and be honest in all situations. MINORI’s managers have to continually make self improvement, always listen to the customer and each employee, ensure the company to comply with the mission.

– Process. The most advanced and best suit processes are applying to MINORI’s projects. In addition, all employees comprehend and adhere to the process.

– Determination. All leaders and employees share a commitment to bring the greatest success to customer and take the customer’s satisfaction as the criteria for evaluating all tasks.

– The most common technologies such as JAVA, .NET, COBOL, Mobile, etc are focused in MINORI to match the requirements from most of customers.

– The R&D department constantly research the latest technologies such as Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, etc to improve ability of MINORI and meet the most demanding ask from customer.

Website: http://minori.com.vn


  • 4th Floor, RICCO Building, 363 Nguyen Huu Tho,Cam Le District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam