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Started in 2011, the company was one of the few game publishers in Jakarta, Indonesia. The online game business was rapidly growing that time and many local and global companies entered this business. After a very tight competition, many game publishers in Indonesia closed their business. Besides competition, there is another important factor that influences game business: user or player behavior. We run the game business seriously and own a very solid and professional team; therefore we can survive and grow. Currently we have 10+ games and will still growing in the future.

In 2012 we started to develop digital assets. The first one was, a technology and software download site. The other one was a mobile application called Baca Berita Indonesia (BaBe). Currently both and BaBe have become a valuable asset with high traffic. In 2017, we launched a video application called Buzz Up! in Sea and have archived some fruitful results. Thanks to our team members who have been very serious on delivering values to the product and maintain their position in the market.

This 2017, we will become 150 employees size company with three major divisions: mobile apps, website and game. E-business in Indonesia is still growing, driven by high internet penetration and cheaper mobile device and service. Indonesia is an emerging country with 230 million populations and its middle class society is becoming more financially prosperous. We have a strong knowledge on Indonesian market behavior and foresee a long term big opportunity in e-business.

In order to become a bigger company, we welcome graduates from any faculty to join our company. Not only Computer Related graduates, but also Engineering, Journalism, Economics and Business, International Relationship, Law, Social Science, Nature Science and others can be part of our team.

These are some descriptions of our company culture:

  • We create our products through creative experiments and collaborative process.
  • We race with the current technological trend to exceed our users' expectation.
  • Fun, dynamic and challenging environment consist of professional and highly-skilled people.
  • Casual working atmosphere.
  • We value good teamwork and everybody has a voice.
  • Good place to learn and shape your skill.

For further information, you can access our products through:

1. for online game products.

2. for technology news, review and download.

3. for Baca Berita Indonesia (BaBe).

4. for our company website.

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