JD Creative Co., Ltd.
JD Creative Co., Ltd.

JD Creative Co., Ltd.

About us

JD Creative - We are full digital agency, we do marketing with creative ideas and develop web/app. With boarding partnership network, various experiences in different fields and high foreign techniques,we are proud to provide you with high-quality, high-tech products, strategic marketing services based on creative and passion standard; and mostly, we know the value of win-win relationship, especially in professional network. What makes JD Creative stand-out:

1. JD Creative listens attentively to customers’ demand instead of talking about ourselves.

2. JD Creative focuses on what we will deliver to client instead of our products.

3. JD Creative hardly and smartly works to make real result rather than showing how professional and efficient we are. JD Creative specializes in:

- Creative marketing campaign; online marketing; event; and communication; etc…

- Web design, develop mobile app and optimize user-experience.

- Out-sourcing.

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  • 854 Su Van Hanh, P.13, Quận 10, Tp. HCM