We are an e-commerce company that specializes in providing solutions between end users and partners in the finance and education fields. We ambition to lead the market of these fields in Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.

In the finance field, our mission is to convey the wisdom of investors to everyone. We help the newbie investors and expert investors come closer, it is investment content e-commerce such as software, texts and videos exhibited by people from financial institutions and part-time investors.

In the education field, with the notion that knowledge is power, it is even more important in this flat world these days. We help the learners can take advantage of the knowledge from experts’ efficiency, to make their life is more easier.

At GGJungle, we believed that the human factor is key to success and our philosophies will unfold the human potential to the new high level

  • Reputation: We believe in your integrity & honesty to make out great products.
  • Invested: You deserve to invest in the success of both your peer & the company.
  • Team Players: With a positive attitude who are self-starters & peer leaders.
  • Family: We maintain a culture of respect, fun, listen & understanding of each other.
  • Innovative: Let us have fun with new things.



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