DWORK Co.,Ltd.
DWORK Co.,Ltd.

DWORK Co.,Ltd.

About us

A Young, Dynamic and Passionate Company 

Dwork means Dreamwork. From the very beginning, 3 of us young, passionate people has been working hard days and nights, writing code in our dreams (and wakes), solving various problem by problem to strengthen and solidify the firm. Dwork is now a bigger company, 3 starters became a room full of people, our dream grew into vision. We are on a path to success. 
After we proved ourself, projects came rushing in. We are receiving many contracts from Korean enterprises and also working on our own projects, our own original dreams. 
At Dwork, we are stern with others, strict with ourselves. We work hard and play hard together to envision our dreams and introduce them to millions of people. The world should be better with our help.

Our porfolio

    mangayou.com - Manga Reader done right. We now have more than 2 million page views every month.
    ATVPlay.com - First Vietnamese application that runs natively on Apple TV (with ChromeCast in Beta)
    GourmandViet.com - We're the first to retail frozen Croissant, Trellis, Pain Au in Vietnam. take and bake it's that easy

Our values

•    Experienced enough to have confident
•    Motivated enough to inspire others
•    Curious enough to keep learning
•    Bold enough to make a name for yourself

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  • 245E/11 Hoang Van Thu, Tan Binh District, HCMC