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Dongwha was founded in Korea, 1948, as a wood-based manufacturer named Dongwha Enterprise Co., Ltd. Since then it has evolved into a corporation with a presence in various markets, such as wood boards, chemicals, construction materials, homebuilding and auto lifes.

Dongwha Enterprise, a leading wood materials manufacturer, acts as the foundation and core business area of the Dongwha Group. It has vertically integrated its business areas, including chemicals, flooring and construction materials and house construction, using high value-added products and technological expertise. Since 2000 it has solidified its position in the Asia-Pacific market through global expansion. Such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Finland, etc.

On August 30, 2019, Dongwha Group announced the construction in Vietnam Hanoi, the second factory named Dongwha Vietnam, following VRG Dongwha, which was established in cooperation with Vietnamese state-owned company VRG in Ho Chi Minh City. Dongwha Vietnam, which has invested $ 160 million, has a total area of 1,650,000㎡ and is expected to be completed in April 2021.

Now, Dongwha Vietnam prepares to be a No.1 Vietnam's wooden company through the recruitment of talented people from Vietnam. We look forward to the participation of outstanding, enthusiastic, dedicated applicants.

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